The Video Boss Review

The Video Boss

This is a comprehensive review of The Video Boss by Andy Jenkins. I will tell you what’s in The Video Boss and who will benefit the most from this video course.

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The Video Boss

The Video Boss Review

The Video Boss by Andy Jenkins is a video training course about video creation and marketing. As you probably know, video is the in thing these days as far as marketing of any kind of product or service is concerned.

The Video Boss – What’s in it?

The Video Boss course has a number of modules and bonus modules. Here is what you will find in each of the modules:

Module 1 – The Video Universe – In this video, Andy Jenkins will teach you how to make crushingly awesome videos. If you want to find out what kind of videos these are, you can take a look at this video here.

Module 2 – The Video Lab – This is where you will learn the technical aspects of creating videos in a step by step manner.

Module 3 – Live Video Production – Here, you will learn all about Lights, Camera, Sets….Hollywood style. Don’t worry it all step by step and not as difficult as it sounds.

Module 4 – Traffic Boss – Once you have made your videos, you will want to generate a lot of traffic and sales conversions. In this module, you will learn SEO for video and link building for video. In addition to this, you will learn how to generate social media traffic with video.

Module 5 – Edit Like a BOSS – In this module, you will learn how to become a PRO-LEVEL video editor, the simple and easy way. Again you will learn step by step how to do this.

Module X – In this module you will learn how to create your OWN Video Information Product.

In addition to these modules, you will get a number of bonus and unadvertised modules in The Video Boss.

Bonus Module 1 – In this module, you will learn step by step, how Andy Jenkins created and marketed The Video Boss, and you will also learn a lot of secrets from multi million dollar video centered product launches.

Bonus Module 2 – In this module, you will learn advanced video secrets like green screen,
animation, music composing, etc.

AND, there are unadvertised BONUS Modules on Slide Design,
Screen Flow, Camtasia, Audio, Product Launches, Video Reviews
and MORE!

The Video Boss – Who Is It For?

If you are into marketing your products or services online, whether as affiliate or as an owner, you need to realise that video marketing is one of the more prominent tools you need in your marketing arsenal.

Andy Jenkins is a well known video marketer who is probably one of the best teachers as far as video creation and marketing is concerned. While The Video Boss course is very advanced, I will tell you that you will not need any more training if you get his course.

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