The Magic Bullet System 2.0 Review

The Magic Bullet System 2.0 Review (MBS 2.0 Review) – An Insiders Perspective

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The Magic Bullet System 2.0 Bonus (MBS 2.0 Bonus)

Amish Shah and Jay Styles are re-launching their flagship Magic Bullet System in mid January 2011. Last year the launch was heavily promoted by internet marketing gurus like Frank Kern, Jeff Johnson and many others. They will probably be promoting this year too.

So what really is the Magic Bullet System and how can it help you make money online as an internet marketer? Read on for a hype free review of The Magic Bullet System 2.0 (MBS 2.0) by an actual user!

The Magic Bullet System 2.0 Review – MBS 2.0 Review

I am currently using the Magic Bullet System (MBS), which I purchased from them in January 2010, for marketing CPA offers. They have a cool software which pretty much builds seo optimized blogs on autopilot for promoting any product or offer. Any internet marketer who promotes their own product or does any sort of affiliate marketing will realize that the most time consuming step is building relevant content around your offer or product.

You can see what actual users of the Magic Bullet System are saying here.

The MBS software pretty much automates the blog building and inclusion of your product or offers in the post itself, whether it is in the form of a banner, text link or any other kind of image. While content building pretty much takes care of itself with the MBS software, the main concern for any marketer is traffic and more importantly tracking that traffic.

This is where the Magic Bullet System is absolutely gangsta. They have a very easy way to track everything using their software. You can track all kinds of details like :

  • the keywords people are using to find your offers,
  • the offers they are clicking on,
  • whether the offers are converting,
  • which traffic source is converting,
  • which landing pages are converting (split testing),
  • the earnings being generated per click etc. etc. etc.

With the Magic Bullet System software you can pretty much optimize to the most micro minute detail. Needless to say, this kind of optimization will easily help you maximize your revenue and profitability. If you are using any form of paid traffic, this will literally save you a bunch and more than justify your investment in the Magic Bullet System.

They also provide you with different traffic sources you can use, both free and paid, and insights into the best way to track and use each traffic source. If you are thinking of buying the Magic Bullet System, make sure you opt for their Mastermind option. This Mastermind group of theirs is absolutely amazing because they discuss underground secret methods of promoting offers. This alone will be worth your investment because you will be in the top group of internet marketers in terms of the latest strategies and promotion tactics.

Is the Magic Bullet System Scam? Absolutely not. This is not because I am currently using MBS or promoting it. It is simply because I have found real value by using the system and it has paid back many times over what I spent for the system. Now, I have a tool I can use for life and it helps me make smart money everyday.

Check out what other real users of the Magic Bullet System are saying here.


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2 Responses to The Magic Bullet System 2.0 Review

  1. Peter says:

    how does the MBS promote sites in organic search after building the blogs in autopilot?

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    • Brevin says:

      Hey Peter,

      MBS helps you build your blogs on autopilot using appropriate keywords and categories. However, MBS does not promote sites on autopilot. You will still have to use basic search engine optimization principles and techniques. The training you get in MBS 2.0 will certainly help you with knowledge about search engine optimization. In addition you will learn of many different traffic sources both paid and free.

      The strength of MBS is its tracking and split testing capabilities which will help you pinpoint exactly which keywords are bringing traffic and conversions to your blogs. With this information you can easily streamline your efforts and concentrate on the profitable keywords only. Believe me that once you know the profitable keywords your return on investment and your time will be exponential.

      Hope this helps.

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