Commission Overload Review And Bonus

Commission Overload Review

Please note that this is a review of Commission Overload which is going to be launched on 28th March.

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Commission Overload

Commission Overload by Tim Atkinson

I recently bought Tim Atkinson’s Commission Overload during pre-launch and here is my opinion about the course.

Tim Atkinson is a well known internet marketer who is launching this course with the objective to provide comprehensive training in different methods of affiliate marketing like CPA, Offline, Clickbank, and other advanced methods which I found to be quite creative and out of the box. His intention is to provide his customers all the information they need for generating affiliate commissions using current and relevant strategies. He claims that the strategies which he reveals in the course are guaranteed to generate an overload of affiliate commissions.

One thing I found about the course is that there is a definite overload of information. Here is a list of the different training modules which you will encounter in the member’s area of the course:

Commission OverloadAs you can see, there are a total of 8 modules but keep in mind that this is the pre launch version and Tim is working hard to completely revamp the course to make it very simple and structured.

One thing Tim has let me know that the 8th module which he calls the Holy Grail will not be there in the main course but will be provided as an advanced module and he will be calling it the “Underground Ninja Section”. This particular module was totally new to me. In this module, Tim reveals step by step methods of setting up an affiliate commission funnel using CPA offers, which will generate affiliate commissions with an extremely high conversion rate.

The Foundation Module is an in depth sales training where he reveals the psychology behind sales and conversions. This particular module gave me amazing insight into the psyche of the consumer which undoubtedly will help in converting visitors to buyers.

The rest of the modules reveal unconventional methods of generating affiliate commissions by utilizing out of the box strategies. Some of the strategies he reveals may not be new to experienced advanced internet marketers. However, for newbies, these strategies will be insightful and if diligently implemented will result in success.

Commission Overload ReviewTim also has a constantly updated bonus section where he reveals methods and strategies he is successfully using to make money online.

Furthermore, Tim told me that he is going to have a special section in the revamped course called “Earn Commissions Now”. As the name suggests, this module will hold methods of earning affiliate commissions at short notice by implementing easy to follow steps.

So, what do I think about the course, you ask?

The key to being successful with affiliate marketing is to be able to stay abreast of your competition by learning new methods and tricks of generating affiliate commissions fast and easily with the use of minimum of effort. With that being said, I must highlight that there is no gain without pain. This course is not a push button, make money instantly….promise the world kind of course.

You will have to put in time and effort to make money but one thing is for sure – You will learn new tricks even if you are an experienced internet marketer. Additionally, you will be able to setup efficient commission generating funnels.

Commission Overload Bonus


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