300 Internet Marketers Review And Bonus

300 Internet Marketers By Brian G Johnson

This is a review of Brian G Johnson’s latest internet marketing course 300 Internet Marketers.

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300 Internet Marketers300 Internet Marketers Review

Before I go into the review, I was a bit baffled as to why Brian named the course 300 Internet Marketers. A couple of months before he actually planned to launch this course, he let me know that it was named the way it is because he was going to offer this course to only 300 marketers. The look and feel of the site is very spartan and his intention is to convert 300 people into super affiliate spartan warriors.

300 Internet Marketing ReviewSo who is Brian G Johnson?

Brian Johnson is a well known internet marketer who has made his fortune by gaining expertise in all forms of internet marketing, affiliate marketing and niche marketing. The question is why you should listen to Brian? You will find the answer here where some of Brian’s former students talk about their experience.

What is 300 Internet Marketers all about?

This is going to be a 5 month mentoring and coaching program starting April 2011 and will include the following:

  • training on creating effective internet marketing business using all the tools and available like SEO, video marketing, product creation, list building, joint venture partnerships and affiliate marketing
  • more than 20 live webinars including some with other prominent internet marketers
  • a live case study where Brian will build up a business from the ground up
  • access to premium wordpress theme
  • access to a private link building network
  • the usual training pdfs, blueprints, videos and a members only mentoring forum
  • and above all the latest SEO strategies (to be successful at SEO, you have to be ahead of your competitors in terms of your strategy) which Brian uses to leverage his business

So what is my opinion and review of 300 Internet Marketers?

Well the course has not been released yet. As it is a live course, I will only be able to comment on its effectiveness as the course progresses. However, I do know that Brian has successfully coached a lot of people before as can be witnessed by the testimonials on his site http://300internetmarketers.com.

In my experience, internet marketing is very lucrative but has a learning curve. Often times, people get side tracked and spend a lot of time and money on all the junk information available all over the internet. It is vital for people to have a mentor as it shortens the learning curve. Brian is going to provide a step by step approach to build your business. So should you buy the course?

300 Internet Marketers Bonus

To help you make the decision, I will be setting up 300 Internet Marketers Bonus which will add value to your investment in Brian’s course. Bookmark this page and keep a lookout for my bonus.

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