Use These Fantastic Content Ideas to Make Your Blog More Popular

If you want to create great content for your blog you need to know how to format and structure it from the get-go in order to get as good a response as possible. The Internet is filled with blogs packed with boring and dull content but they only seem that way because the creators haven’t yet figured out how to present content correctly. This article shows you how to create great posts for your blog by employing a variety of content ideas.

Motivate and Inspire: Regardless of your blog’s niche, you always have the opportunity to inspire and motivate those who take in the content that you post. Creating blog content that is aimed at making your readers take action, think big, be strong, etc will go well – only if you do it genuinely. In other words, your content shouldn’t look like it’s hyped up or unreal, but rather it should bring your readers close to reality and give them a feel of what it feels to achieve something. For example, if you target software programmers in your blog, you can create content that will motivate them to get more accomplished each day or to complete their work on time. There are a lot of possibilities available to you, just figure out your niche and see which kind of content will be the most motivational.

Write Some Reviews: A very effective way to both generate high quality content and to bring in some extra revenue is to write a review or two. Reviewing products or services is great because you get content and, if your posts feature affiliate links, they can generate revenue for you if a reader buys the thing you’ve reviewed. People like to read honest and straightforward reviews about the things they’ve been thinking about buying. If you’ve gotten the trust of your readers and have a good relationship with them, they’ll trust your reviews. The type of reviews (long or short) you write is totally up to you. As long as you’re offering high quality content to your readers and helping them out with your review, nobody is going to complain.

News and Updates: If you have your own company or business, you can use your blog as a place to post news and product updates. You could actually create some great content about the updates and news for your company. You don’t need to keep your content limited to lists and articles; readers often like knowing what has been going on inside of and what your company is involved in. You can actually win the confidence of your readers by being open on your blog about such updates; your readers will connect with you on a higher level, which obviously helps increase business. At the same time you shouldn’t use too many updates because if you update too often the content becomes diluted and your message won’t be as strong.

Finally, you need to remember to read your chosen market audience and really analyze the kinds of content they are interested in. By learning as much as possible you can make sure that your blog actually meets your readers’ needs and offers them real value.

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Boost Your Conversions When You Know How To Get Testimonials

Acquiring new customers on the Internet is all about convincing your target audience that your product is right for them. If you are troubleshooting dismal results, then take notice if you have any testimonials, or the ones you have meet the right criteria. Having real testimonial about your product or services goes on to prove that you’re the real deal. Chances are you are unaware of all that is available for getting great testimonials, so it is no accident you are here, today.

It is an unfortunate fact of business life that a percentage of dishonest marketers will go to any lengths to make a sale; including the use of deceitful testimonials by fake people. So who could ever blame people for thinking all testimonials and all sales copy are false? Naturally this is the expected outcome, and it is somewhat predictable in many ways. There are some people who will never believe you, or us, but that is ok because if you offer a solid product that is real – enough people will find out about it. Perhaps the most compelling testimonials are the video variety, but if not that then go with a real picture of course. Probably the worst testimonials are those with just a first name and no picture or anything.

Always remember that a testimonial used with an image of the person will have more weight than one without. Some people never trust anything, but you can still have success with using a picture that is of the real person.

Anytime people on your site see a picture, they will automatically tend to feel just a little more relaxed. There are no more tests designed to validate this point because it has been performed enough in the past. But, by law you have to get permission to use any photo or testimonial, so merely ask and see what happens.

We often see mutual testimonials between two businesses, and all you have to do is be gracious and give one to them. By sending one first, people will appreciate it and be more willing to respond in kind. Also be very sure you provide a link to your site and display the link to their site from yours. This is how many people have done it in the past, and this will still work if your product or service is solid.

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How To Succeed at PPC Advertising with Powerful Landing Pages

Should you choose to implement a landing page with any PPC ad, then the smart move is to include plans to optimize it. You will find that converting the best traffic in the world will not happen if your processes are not optimized. Use the upcoming optimization strategies for all of your PPC campaign landing pages.

There are many pitfalls waiting for you with a landing page, and getting your navigation right will be one more you can avoid. What you want to do is edit out any navigation that is not necessary for your page. Not everybody uses any kind of logo, and if you do not use one then do not place one anywhere. One thing about landing pages is there are not supposed to have a ton of information on them, and that is a good policy to follow. It is quite common to study other sites, and you can do the same with landing pages in use by other businesses. Did you know that your landing page could actually work against you if it’s cluttered? It’s really important that you clean up any mess that has been created on your landing page due to many unimportant elements. If something isn’t contributing to your main goal, then guess what? All you need to do is replace what is not working with something that will work. There are many landing pages out there that aren’t focused and have a lot of visual clutter and no clear navigation. You know that if you fail to rectify this, then you can kiss that campaign goodbye. Your market may not be tolerating of excessive content, so that could be an issue. One of the golden rules of online marketing is to keep the work your visitor has to do to an absolute minimum.

Not many PPC advertisers are aware of this but one of the factors that Google AdWords uses to determine the quality score of your page is by analyzing the loading time of your page. One benchmark for load time is roughly three seconds, more than five is not good. But you should aim for anything less than five seconds, always. If your page has heavy images, large flash files or clunky animated graphics, then you will have to cut down on them since they bring down the loading time of a page. Also, nowadays, it’s better to avoid anything that makes your page heavy as it makes it less appealing to your visitors as well.

You will need to have the right knowledge to make money with PPC advertising, and knowing how to optimize ads and landing pages is essential. Actually it will not take many campaigns until you are able to expertly make your campaigns profitable.

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Proven Steps To Gaining More Facebook Page Likes

At this point in 2011, it is clear that Facebook marketing with all it has to offer is still tearing up the online marketing scene. Fan pages are high in demand with businesses and for good reason, they are relatively easy to make and can be leveraged. As you can guess, this is a numbers games just like anywhere else on the net. You need for people to ‘like’ and join your fan page, and that is what this article is all about.

You probably know about things like status updates and how useful they are for saying something important. When you send out your status updates, you can mention a few words about your page and ask people to check it out. People by now understand the “thing” about fan pages and will not have a problem with it. A critical component to succeeding here is including all the great things waiting for them on the other side. If you offer something strong enough to compel them to Like it, then that will work out in your favor. Don’t just post your link and write “join” – you obviously won’t get much response. So you will need to put your thinking hat on when writing your updates.

Let’s talk about Fiverr for a few minutes because it can be very useful for a particular strategy. There’s a section on Fiverr called “Social Marketing” where you can find people that are willing to give you a “Like Increasing” service. For example, the Fiverr outsourcee will send a message out to his or her friends with a strong call to action to Like your Page. Then you will need to give this person temporary admin privileges so it can be carried out. Since you will have to give them admin rights, we strongly suggest you only go with proven Fiverr sellers.

Who knows how productive this will be for you, but keep in mind it is only five bucks.

Test out the script so people can notify their friends about your content, and someone is sure to use it. It is up to you to discover what converts well on your site. However, with your friends, only invite them if they are actually in your marketing audience. The more people you get involved, the better response you’ll get to your Page in the long run.

Have a willingness to market your Facebook Page as aggressively as you can, and that is the only way to get results.

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The Best Approach for Improving Internal Link Structures in Blogs

If you want to gain a good ranking on the search engines then you will find that internal links are important and neat to be created quite neatly. This article will provide some advice on how you can build effective internal links.

This process of linking can also be viewed from the standpoint of creating useful links that are seen more often. The optimum number of times you should link out from a page to the any one page is roughly two times. There is no reason to ever use links that actually link to that very same page you are on. If you have to link to a page then choose to have just one link, and make it clear. We recommend that you create your links so as to serve the search engines plus those who are on your site. So as you see, this is one very easy step you can put into action right away on your site. Although there isn’t any real evidence which goes on to show that search engines prefer absolute URLs over relative URLs, it’s always a good idea to go for the former one because your links will contain your chosen keywords and will be clear and easy to read. We should point out that this will be friendlier to the search engine spiders who crawl your site. Your links will keep on pointing to your own site, and that is important should your content get scraped. It is so easy to verify this best-practices technique being favored on the better blogs.

There is no problem really with putting links from a page in one category to a page in a different category. If you take a look at what you have, then you will see how easy this is to do. This kind of approach helps to make your site sticky because some people will move along through the navigation. So in short, this will help you reduce your bounce rate and increase your blog’s overall page views.

Developing a solid internal linking structure on your blog is not all that tough to do. You just need to focus on giving more and more value to your visitors by helping them navigate your blog better, discover new pages easily, which will automatically help you improve your search engine rankings.

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Building and Releasing a Killer Facebook App

One of the newest online marketing trends that appears to be sticking around is creating a Facebook app. If you’re seriously considering developing your own app for Facebook, then the following article may prove to be helpful to you.

Understand that an app is merely a piece of software that does something for a person – it can entertain or help them work more efficiently, anything. You may find those apps that serve some kind of mindless entertainment segment to be more popular than the tools apps that do some kind of work for people. But the thing about Facebook is people are generally wasting time there, or they want to be distracted for some reason. If you can create an app that makes it easier for people to get away from it all for a little while, with enjoyment, then you will have a winner on your hands. Your app will need to appeal to those who are roughly in their early 30s and younger. You can take examples from other successful apps created by big companies, where they made something fun to attract the eyes of their target market; you can do the same.

Make It Addictive: It’s not good to design an app that users visit once and have no reason to return. What you want to create is an app that users want to use over and over again. You want your app to be addictive in nature, something that people won’t mind using repeatedly and still not get bored of it. If you can manage to do this right, you will have a wildly successful app. The easiest way to find out if you’ve hit the mark is to ask for feedback from people you know. Your app is ready to go if they use the word addictive in their response.

Do consider having your app programmed properly so it knows, or tells you, the number of times your app gets used. This is simply a metric that you can use later on if the app becomes a hit. Some people create formal tracking records so they can easily see how their app is performing. If you’re going to create a Facebook app, you want to be thorough and make sure you’ve considered all the guidelines we’ve talked about above -then you have a good chance of making your app a real hit.

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Demystifying Facebook Marketing for Greater Results

There is no denying how much the social internet has become white hot in recent years. We do not see why you cannot stake your claim as well with Facebook marketing. We have a short guideline and tutorial that is all about Facebook marketing.

Fan page responsibilities include never ignoring those who have signed up to be a fan. Your fans will speak to you via your fan page wall, and they should never be ignored. Don’t you answer your business phone when somebody calls in to ask a question and leave a comment? There is nothing difficult about this, and it is just a matter of understanding the process. If you pay attention to what is necessary, here, then you will get into the swing of things pretty fast. The more you get to know your fan base, the more responsive they will be to you. What you will see with a fan page are tabs which are just for organizing your page, and that is what your fans will use. One of the nice features about fan pages is that you can highly customize the tabs, and that can be very cool for your fans. Remember to give only solid information that will be useful and not waste anyone’s time. One important item is that you should treat your fan page very seriously and make it professional.

Don’t just depend on promoting your Facebook page internally, put in the effort to do some external promotion too. Make it easy for people to Like your Facebook page; draw in audiences from various sources so that you consistently add more fans to your Page. Be sure to apply the Facebook buttons for liking your content on all of your blogs and sites. Think about how you can drive more targeted traffic to your fan page, and that will create more momentum with likes. This is all about getting as many eyeballs on your content as possible, and then give them the ability to vote their ‘likes’ with you. You can gain more share when you make the decision to take this outside of Facebook for building your page’s brand. If you are new to Facebook marketing, then that is fine in many ways you will not have bad habits to break in your marketing and advertising. Proceed and keep moving forward because  that  is the only  way  you  will attain  success.

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What You Need to Know About Keeping Your Blog Fresh

A good blog must have a steady stream of fresh content or it will appear that you don’t take an active interest in it. The way to ensure that your blog stays current is to remember to add content regularly and to also recruit your blog visitors to add their own content. It’s not that difficult to have a blog that’s dynamic and up to date, and we’ll be looking at some ways to make this happen.

The Power of Guest Blogging: You should be thinking about not only adding content to your own blog, but also publicizing it to attract more interest and visitors. Getting more traffic and attention can help to motivate you to take your blog to the next level. One of the best methods for this is by writing guest posts for other sites and blogs in your niche. The advantage of guest blogging is that it gives you a chance to link back to your blog, so all the readers will have a chance to visit if they like your post. This can also be a two-way street, as the other blogger can also contribute posts to your blog, and this helps you get fresh content. Being a guest blogger takes no special effort, other than writing the kind of post you’d normally write and send it to the other blog. Isn’t it amazing how fresh our conversations look and feel each time we talk to our close friend? So that is why you should be informal and write to your readers in the same way you talk. When you do that, it just has a way of encouraging people to feel and do the same. So if you want your readers to jump into conversations and take part in them, then adopt a more casual style of writing that will make them feel comfortable. When everybody is talking back and forth and feeling relaxed, then that is when feelings of trust and friendship start to happen. So if you have not given this much thought, then you should and then act on it.

Breaks Won’t Kill You: Updating your blog is important, but you will lose readers if you always feel the need to just get something out there for them to read, and not something that’s high quality. Most of the blogging platforms out there have a system where you can schedule posts, why not take advantage of this feature? We all have times when our creativity is blocked, so when you do have a topic for a post, write as much as possible and the save some ideas for a future post. There are blogs that you can write out ahead of time and schedule them for a continuous release, or try keep some that are unpublished and use as a backup. Having peace of mind is such a great thing, which is why it’s such a great idea to create your posts at least a week in advance of your schedule. You’ll see that your productivity doubles up when you don’t have the pressure of time on you.

Your success, regardless of if you run one blog or a network of blogs, will depend on your ability to keep your readers happy with fresh new content.

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What to Do if You Want More Comments on Your Blog

The more comments you get on your blog, the more active and interesting it becomes, which in turn creates more traffic and comments. Blogs that aren’t inviting when it comes to comments and conversations, tend to be stagnant and boring. The question is, how exactly can you make your blog the kind that attracts lots of comments? What steps should you take to make your blog more interesting and inviting to visitors? Let’s find out in the following article.

Convince Your Audience: If you want your blog to be active, then you need as many people as possible to post comments on your blog so you have to convince them to do so. There are lots of people who don’t understand what the comments section is for and others simply can’t be bothered to take the time. It will make things a lot easier for you if you tell them you want them to leave comments. You need to understand that all it takes for some people to act is a little encouragement. Simply inform them that you would really appreciate some feedback and their opinions to help you write better articles in the future. It’s all about how you convince them to take part in your blog by regular commenting. You need to understand a critical concept, namely that a blog with no comments might as well be dead. Pose Questions in Your Article: One of the simplest ways to get more comments on your blog is to end your articles with a question. This will lead to people offering their opinions in the form of comments. People love answering questions and giving their opinion, so why not make it easy for them to do so by using questions in your posts? This strategy can be used effectively when you’re posting on Facebook and Twitter as well. Getting your audience involved on your blog should be the first thing you focus on. Try to turn your post into a conversation and let your readers know how their answers will help the others gain more clarity on the subject. Another good thing about this technique is that it can get a heated debated started right under your post, which is actually a good thing as it will attract a lot of comments.

Contests Can Inspire Comments: A contest where someone who leaves a comment will win something can generate lots of interest.

You can determine what the rules and prizes will be, depending on the type of blog you have. You could make the contest based on a random drawing, solving a certain problem, or making the most interesting post. The particulars of the contest, such as how you pick the winner and the prize, should be chosen with your niche and type of readers in mind. This is a great and fun way to get people interested in your blog and eager to leave comments. It’s quite clear that to get new comments on your blog is a matter of being active and taking the right actions when you need to.

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Effectively Increasing Your Blog’s Page Views

Are you looking for ways you can increase the page views of your blog? Use the following tips to help you start doing just that.

Produce Appealing Sidebars: One of the least difficult ways to get more page views for your blog is to make use of the sidebar space on your blog. You heard correctly. This is where you have the opportunity to pull in your readers to consume more of your blog content. You can add different types of widgets like the recommended posts, a categories widget, last comments widget, tag cloud and etc. When your readers go through your blog posts, they will constantly be viewing your blog pages. In order to get larger readership, your blog’s sidebar must be more alluring. As opposed to putting Google AdSense in the sidebar, it would be a smart move on your part to use it this way. Focusing on getting more blog page views will eventually increase your impression score. Interlink Within Posts: Opting to Interlink Within Posts Another simple yet effective way to increase your blog’s page views is to recommend and highlight relevant posts within the content of your blog. If you’re writing about something that you’ve written about before then all you need to do is link back to the previous article from within your post. The posts that you suggest this way have to be highly relevant and at the same time should be helpful to the reader.

Write a Series of Posts: Creating a series of quality posts on one topic is an effective way to get your readers to come back. The number of posts in your series will be determined by the topic and how much you’re willing to share. Done correctly, a series of posts can make a difference but they’re not for everyone. But if you want your readers to get the most out of your series, you need to give them real value. If you want to keep your readers updated about a certain topic, a series is a great way to do it.

In conclusion, as you can see from the article above, it’s really not a big deal to grow your blog’s page views, as long as you’re taking consistent action.

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