What You Need to Know About Keeping Your Blog Fresh

A good blog must have a steady stream of fresh content or it will appear that you don’t take an active interest in it. The way to ensure that your blog stays current is to remember to add content regularly and to also recruit your blog visitors to add their own content. It’s not that difficult to have a blog that’s dynamic and up to date, and we’ll be looking at some ways to make this happen.

The Power of Guest Blogging: You should be thinking about not only adding content to your own blog, but also publicizing it to attract more interest and visitors. Getting more traffic and attention can help to motivate you to take your blog to the next level. One of the best methods for this is by writing guest posts for other sites and blogs in your niche. The advantage of guest blogging is that it gives you a chance to link back to your blog, so all the readers will have a chance to visit if they like your post. This can also be a two-way street, as the other blogger can also contribute posts to your blog, and this helps you get fresh content. Being a guest blogger takes no special effort, other than writing the kind of post you’d normally write and send it to the other blog. Isn’t it amazing how fresh our conversations look and feel each time we talk to our close friend? So that is why you should be informal and write to your readers in the same way you talk. When you do that, it just has a way of encouraging people to feel and do the same. So if you want your readers to jump into conversations and take part in them, then adopt a more casual style of writing that will make them feel comfortable. When everybody is talking back and forth and feeling relaxed, then that is when feelings of trust and friendship start to happen. So if you have not given this much thought, then you should and then act on it.

Breaks Won’t Kill You: Updating your blog is important, but you will lose readers if you always feel the need to just get something out there for them to read, and not something that’s high quality. Most of the blogging platforms out there have a system where you can schedule posts, why not take advantage of this feature? We all have times when our creativity is blocked, so when you do have a topic for a post, write as much as possible and the save some ideas for a future post. There are blogs that you can write out ahead of time and schedule them for a continuous release, or try keep some that are unpublished and use as a backup. Having peace of mind is such a great thing, which is why it’s such a great idea to create your posts at least a week in advance of your schedule. You’ll see that your productivity doubles up when you don’t have the pressure of time on you.

Your success, regardless of if you run one blog or a network of blogs, will depend on your ability to keep your readers happy with fresh new content.

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