What to Do if You Want More Comments on Your Blog

The more comments you get on your blog, the more active and interesting it becomes, which in turn creates more traffic and comments. Blogs that aren’t inviting when it comes to comments and conversations, tend to be stagnant and boring. The question is, how exactly can you make your blog the kind that attracts lots of comments? What steps should you take to make your blog more interesting and inviting to visitors? Let’s find out in the following article.

Convince Your Audience: If you want your blog to be active, then you need as many people as possible to post comments on your blog so you have to convince them to do so. There are lots of people who don’t understand what the comments section is for and others simply can’t be bothered to take the time. It will make things a lot easier for you if you tell them you want them to leave comments. You need to understand that all it takes for some people to act is a little encouragement. Simply inform them that you would really appreciate some feedback and their opinions to help you write better articles in the future. It’s all about how you convince them to take part in your blog by regular commenting. You need to understand a critical concept, namely that a blog with no comments might as well be dead. Pose Questions in Your Article: One of the simplest ways to get more comments on your blog is to end your articles with a question. This will lead to people offering their opinions in the form of comments. People love answering questions and giving their opinion, so why not make it easy for them to do so by using questions in your posts? This strategy can be used effectively when you’re posting on Facebook and Twitter as well. Getting your audience involved on your blog should be the first thing you focus on. Try to turn your post into a conversation and let your readers know how their answers will help the others gain more clarity on the subject. Another good thing about this technique is that it can get a heated debated started right under your post, which is actually a good thing as it will attract a lot of comments.

Contests Can Inspire Comments: A contest where someone who leaves a comment will win something can generate lots of interest.

You can determine what the rules and prizes will be, depending on the type of blog you have. You could make the contest based on a random drawing, solving a certain problem, or making the most interesting post. The particulars of the contest, such as how you pick the winner and the prize, should be chosen with your niche and type of readers in mind. This is a great and fun way to get people interested in your blog and eager to leave comments. It’s quite clear that to get new comments on your blog is a matter of being active and taking the right actions when you need to.

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