What is the Secret to Getting Targeted Backlinks?

People who work in internet marketing know that the key is with quality backlinks, which is why they’re always on the hunt for how to get more and more. However, doing it using the right methods is important. Whitehat techniques should always be used over blackhat if you wish to keep the integrity of your website. What you’re about to read are very ethical means of garnering as many backlinks as possible.

You should focus on creating high quality backlinks, but this process is easy and effortless to complete. That’s right; we’re talking about building targeted backlinks by commenting on blogs related to your niche. You’re probably thinking that making a lot comments will take a lot of time. But all things considered, this is where you have to make a smart decision. When you comment on a blog, you’re allowed to leave your link along with your name. However, what blog you choose and how you do it makes a big difference. First of all, be certain the blog’s topic is related to yours because your comments will appeal to other readers with this same interest.

Second, you should make sure that you only comment on blogs that have a powerful page rank, which should give you great backlinks as well as other benefits. Third, the blog must not have a “no follow” tag. Basically, you want the search engines to give you credit for your backlink. There are online tools that you can use that can tell you if a blog is “no follow.” or not Finally, don’t use your name in your anchor text; only use your product name in your comments. Once you begin using this strategy, you will recognize that you can do so much with it. So jump right in and start using it. Another great way to get links is to create blogs on free blogging platforms like Blogger and LiveJournal. Want to know why you should do this? More importantly, how can it get you good backlinks? You could use those free blogging services to spread your link around. One great way to do this is to write the blogs using anchor text that points back to your website using your given key words. By getting linked from these blogger sites, which the search engines love, you will rise in the searches. Don’t try trick anyone with these platforms, but just try to give some good information with your blogs while getting those backlinks at the same time. If you are able to get some successful blogs set up, then that’s when the money will come rolling in.

What if there was a way you could get the backlinks you wanted and anyone could do it? I’m talking about link building through forums and discussion boards. These forums will allow you to create a profile that includes a signature box, which is perfect for your backlink. This means that when you register for these forums, and you start offering information to people, they will always know what link to click. This not only gets you direct exposure from the other members, but at the same time it also gives you a valid one way backlink that goes a long way. Last but not the least; make sure you’re posting your links only on relevant forums that are related to your niche, so that you have the best chances to rank for your chosen keyword. It should now be apparent why link building is often seen as the epitome of search engine optimization, because SEO is nothing without it. Therefore, if you’re trying to get higher in the searches, you need more backlinks.

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