Proven Steps To Gaining More Facebook Page Likes

At this point in 2011, it is clear that Facebook marketing with all it has to offer is still tearing up the online marketing scene. Fan pages are high in demand with businesses and for good reason, they are relatively easy to make and can be leveraged. As you can guess, this is a numbers games just like anywhere else on the net. You need for people to ‘like’ and join your fan page, and that is what this article is all about.

You probably know about things like status updates and how useful they are for saying something important. When you send out your status updates, you can mention a few words about your page and ask people to check it out. People by now understand the “thing” about fan pages and will not have a problem with it. A critical component to succeeding here is including all the great things waiting for them on the other side. If you offer something strong enough to compel them to Like it, then that will work out in your favor. Don’t just post your link and write “join” – you obviously won’t get much response. So you will need to put your thinking hat on when writing your updates.

Let’s talk about Fiverr for a few minutes because it can be very useful for a particular strategy. There’s a section on Fiverr called “Social Marketing” where you can find people that are willing to give you a “Like Increasing” service. For example, the Fiverr outsourcee will send a message out to his or her friends with a strong call to action to Like your Page. Then you will need to give this person temporary admin privileges so it can be carried out. Since you will have to give them admin rights, we strongly suggest you only go with proven Fiverr sellers.

Who knows how productive this will be for you, but keep in mind it is only five bucks.

Test out the script so people can notify their friends about your content, and someone is sure to use it. It is up to you to discover what converts well on your site. However, with your friends, only invite them if they are actually in your marketing audience. The more people you get involved, the better response you’ll get to your Page in the long run.

Have a willingness to market your Facebook Page as aggressively as you can, and that is the only way to get results.

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