How To Succeed at PPC Advertising with Powerful Landing Pages

Should you choose to implement a landing page with any PPC ad, then the smart move is to include plans to optimize it. You will find that converting the best traffic in the world will not happen if your processes are not optimized. Use the upcoming optimization strategies for all of your PPC campaign landing pages.

There are many pitfalls waiting for you with a landing page, and getting your navigation right will be one more you can avoid. What you want to do is edit out any navigation that is not necessary for your page. Not everybody uses any kind of logo, and if you do not use one then do not place one anywhere. One thing about landing pages is there are not supposed to have a ton of information on them, and that is a good policy to follow. It is quite common to study other sites, and you can do the same with landing pages in use by other businesses. Did you know that your landing page could actually work against you if it’s cluttered? It’s really important that you clean up any mess that has been created on your landing page due to many unimportant elements. If something isn’t contributing to your main goal, then guess what? All you need to do is replace what is not working with something that will work. There are many landing pages out there that aren’t focused and have a lot of visual clutter and no clear navigation. You know that if you fail to rectify this, then you can kiss that campaign goodbye. Your market may not be tolerating of excessive content, so that could be an issue. One of the golden rules of online marketing is to keep the work your visitor has to do to an absolute minimum.

Not many PPC advertisers are aware of this but one of the factors that Google AdWords uses to determine the quality score of your page is by analyzing the loading time of your page. One benchmark for load time is roughly three seconds, more than five is not good. But you should aim for anything less than five seconds, always. If your page has heavy images, large flash files or clunky animated graphics, then you will have to cut down on them since they bring down the loading time of a page. Also, nowadays, it’s better to avoid anything that makes your page heavy as it makes it less appealing to your visitors as well.

You will need to have the right knowledge to make money with PPC advertising, and knowing how to optimize ads and landing pages is essential. Actually it will not take many campaigns until you are able to expertly make your campaigns profitable.

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