Effectively Increasing Your Blog’s Page Views

Are you looking for ways you can increase the page views of your blog? Use the following tips to help you start doing just that.

Produce Appealing Sidebars: One of the least difficult ways to get more page views for your blog is to make use of the sidebar space on your blog. You heard correctly. This is where you have the opportunity to pull in your readers to consume more of your blog content. You can add different types of widgets like the recommended posts, a categories widget, last comments widget, tag cloud and etc. When your readers go through your blog posts, they will constantly be viewing your blog pages. In order to get larger readership, your blog’s sidebar must be more alluring. As opposed to putting Google AdSense in the sidebar, it would be a smart move on your part to use it this way. Focusing on getting more blog page views will eventually increase your impression score. Interlink Within Posts: Opting to Interlink Within Posts Another simple yet effective way to increase your blog’s page views is to recommend and highlight relevant posts within the content of your blog. If you’re writing about something that you’ve written about before then all you need to do is link back to the previous article from within your post. The posts that you suggest this way have to be highly relevant and at the same time should be helpful to the reader.

Write a Series of Posts: Creating a series of quality posts on one topic is an effective way to get your readers to come back. The number of posts in your series will be determined by the topic and how much you’re willing to share. Done correctly, a series of posts can make a difference but they’re not for everyone. But if you want your readers to get the most out of your series, you need to give them real value. If you want to keep your readers updated about a certain topic, a series is a great way to do it.

In conclusion, as you can see from the article above, it’s really not a big deal to grow your blog’s page views, as long as you’re taking consistent action.

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