Boost Your Conversions When You Know How To Get Testimonials

Acquiring new customers on the Internet is all about convincing your target audience that your product is right for them. If you are troubleshooting dismal results, then take notice if you have any testimonials, or the ones you have meet the right criteria. Having real testimonial about your product or services goes on to prove that you’re the real deal. Chances are you are unaware of all that is available for getting great testimonials, so it is no accident you are here, today.

It is an unfortunate fact of business life that a percentage of dishonest marketers will go to any lengths to make a sale; including the use of deceitful testimonials by fake people. So who could ever blame people for thinking all testimonials and all sales copy are false? Naturally this is the expected outcome, and it is somewhat predictable in many ways. There are some people who will never believe you, or us, but that is ok because if you offer a solid product that is real – enough people will find out about it. Perhaps the most compelling testimonials are the video variety, but if not that then go with a real picture of course. Probably the worst testimonials are those with just a first name and no picture or anything.

Always remember that a testimonial used with an image of the person will have more weight than one without. Some people never trust anything, but you can still have success with using a picture that is of the real person.

Anytime people on your site see a picture, they will automatically tend to feel just a little more relaxed. There are no more tests designed to validate this point because it has been performed enough in the past. But, by law you have to get permission to use any photo or testimonial, so merely ask and see what happens.

We often see mutual testimonials between two businesses, and all you have to do is be gracious and give one to them. By sending one first, people will appreciate it and be more willing to respond in kind. Also be very sure you provide a link to your site and display the link to their site from yours. This is how many people have done it in the past, and this will still work if your product or service is solid.

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